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  • Infinea X Robust Healthcare and Warehouse Scanner

    Infinea X Black and WhiteInfinea Tab M for Apple iPad mini and iPad Air

  • Infinea Tab M

  • Hand-held industrial grade sensors that add value to the bottom line


Improving Healthcare with Data Capture Systems & Mobile Scanning Hardware

Eposode Data Solutions provides the healthcare industry with innovative data capture systems that allow professionals to instantly and securely share vital information for the facilitation of patient safety and a higher level of care. Your Apple handheld mobile computers or smartphones become portable data entry terminals that increase efficiency and reduce manual data entry errors.

Thanks to Infinite Peripherals iOS barcode scanners and barcode reader systems, iPhones, iPods and iPad tablets convert to high-performing, intuitive data capture systems that instantly put life-saving information in the hands of your healthcare professionals, wherever they are.


From doctors and nurses at the hospital to paramedics at the scene of an accident, these powerful mobile scanning solutions give you instant access to accurate information and patient records for quick decisions that help you provide the best in care:

  • Automate management systems
  • Track patient progress
  • Monitor medication administration
  • Remote patient monitoring
  • Specimen collection and data entry/retrieval

Helping You Provide Greater Levels of Care

Learn more about how Eposode is assisting the healthcare industry in providing greater levels of service and patient care by delivering the best in smartphone scanners and data capture systems for your iOS phones and tablets. As the exclusive supplier of Infinite Peripherals to the Australian and New Zealand market, our team can provide you with a solution that maximises your potential.

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