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Read Case Studies on how Mobile Scanning Solutions have Transformed Enterprise


Bean Counter 

 Infinite Peripherals helps reduce monthly inventory time of major coffee retailer by 50%


With more than 20,000 retail stores in 66 countries, this company has committed to being a premier coffee retailer since 1971. Quality, speed and service create the foundation from which the company is built. It expects the best, because its customers expect the best.

This retailer faced a common challenge: how to save time and money? Using mobile technology, the coffee retailer sought to reduce the time it took to complete its monthly inventory, while also incorporating other back office applications such as time and attendance check-in.



In a competition for this coffee chain’s business, Infinite Peripherals (IPC) stood out with its ability to partner with the retailer to deliver a customized solution. IPC understood the importance of the retailer’s identity, so it created a custom-branded case and added a hand strap to make it easier for employees to hold while completing inventory. The company also appreciated that any issues during testing were quickly resolved, and that IPC delivered a fast, reliable scanner to save time and money.

The retailer purchased more than 5,000 Linea Pro 5 devices for the Apple® iPod® touch 5th generation. The size and feel, coupled with the custom-branded case with hand strap, made it a perfect inventory solution.

With the improved inventory process that involved scanning barcodes with the Linea Pro device, the coffee chain reduced monthly inventory time by 50 percent – from four hours to two. Using just one device per store, the company now can handle inventory, time and attendance, and receipt of daily deliveries. The mobile device’s functionality and design take the fast-paced environment in the front of house to the back office, allowing the coffee retailer to be efficient in all aspects of its business.

handheld scanner


Outbox Expedites Event Ticket Validation and Ease of Entry with Infinite Peripherals™ Linea Pro® Mobile Devices

Mobile ticket and wristband scanning solution used in more than 100 major concert and sports venues in 20 countries



Mobile scanning solutions


ELK GROVE VILLAGE, Ill. – July 8, 2014 – A global leader in the management, marketing and sale of live event tickets for arenas, stadiums, theaters and clubs, Outbox Technology CRB Inc. uses the Linea Pro from Infinite Peripherals, Inc. (IPC), the leading developer of mobile point-of-sale (mPOS) devices, to more efficiently and accurately conduct business around the world and get event-goers in the door and in their seats quickly.


IPC’s first-to-market iOS peripheral barcode scanner and magnetic stripe reader, the Linea Pro attaches to an Apple® iPod touch® or iPhone® and runs on custom software to validate tickets and RFID wristbands in real time for event access. Outbox created its own proprietary iOS app, Event N3™, that is used to scan tickets using 1D or 2D barcodes, credit cards or RFID wristbands.


“The Linea Pro leverages the Apple hardware in a novel way, giving us access to the iOS platform and converting a consumer device into an effective enterprise-level solution,” said Eric O. Brousseau, product manager for access control at Outbox. “In addition to the ‘wow factor’ here compared with conventional industrial handheld devices, the Linea Pro lets us leverage the iOS platform to develop state-of-the-art solutions.”


Based in Montreal, Canada, and with offices in Los Angeles and London, Outbox has deployed this mobile ticket and wristband scanning solution in more than 100 major concert and sports venues in 20 countries, including Staples Center in Los Angeles, Target Center in Minneapolis, Caesars® Palace Colosseum in Las Vegas and the O2 Arena in London. To date, the company has used the devices to scan more than 60 million tickets.


Brousseau noted that the compact Linea Pro system, which is more powerful, versatile and cost-effective than its previous handheld devices, has earned universal positive reviews. “Our employees find this solution lighter and more user-friendly, with more wireless connectivity options (WiFi and wireless) and media read capabilities.”


The Linea Pro can be used in various settings for mobile POS, expediting inventory management, asset tracking, ID verification, lead tracking, inspection/work flow, dispatch, time/labor and lab and healthcare. Software development resources and tools are available for the product so customers can program scanner and reader functions into their own software application.


IPC also offers the Infinea Tab™ and Infinea Tab M barcode scanner and magnetic stripe reader for the iPad™ and iPad mini, respectively.


About Infinite Peripherals 

Since 1993, Infinite Peripherals, Inc. (IPC) has been fueling mobility with cutting-edge mobile peripheral devices, receipt printers, mechanisms and receipt printer-related components. Numerous major retailers in the United States are moving to mobile POS with IPC’s Linea Pro® and Infinea Tab™,helping to transform shopping, drive traffic and increase customer conversion rates. Anticipating trends and pre-empting solutions for a constantly evolving business landscape, IPC enhances operations in retail and other industries, including healthcare, hospitality, transportation, warehouse and logistics, entertainment and security.

RAF Brize Norton Using PowerPad 15S

The Project:

Joint Air Delivery Test and Evaluation Unit (JADTEU) are based at RAF Brize Norton in Oxfordshire. The primary role of JADTEU is to conduct operational trials and evaluation to develop the delivery by air of manpower, machines and material. In addition, it provides advice/recommendations to MOD sponsors, other government departments, civilian industry and foreign governments on all air transport matters.

JADTEU Training Section delivers courses involving a high degree of classroom theory and coursework besides the obvious physical and practical training.  JADTEU have rolled out a mass deployment of iPads that provide efficient educational learning that is essential to them.

Due to the nature of JADTEU’s operations the problem that the department faced was difficulty keeping all 40 plus iPads charged safely, and more importantly, synchronising the data with updates for the installed coursework and apps.   Charging and syncing one iPad at a time was extremely time consuming and frustrating.


The Solution:

JADTEU iPad’s are in constant use and therefore require quality, reliable charging and synchronising.

The internal firmware inside the PowerPad15S automatically knows what device is connected and delivers the exact charging profile designed by the manufacturer – this is called ‘intelligent charging’.

Unlike other charge & sync devices, the PowerPad 15S can charge & synchronise 15 iPads simultaneously without any decrease in charging performance.



The Result:

By incorporating the PowerPad 15S into the department JADTEU have massively reduced the time it takes to synchronise all those iPads. Instead of charging the iPads with a multitude of extension leads, they are now charged from the PowerPad which reduces health and safety risks in the limited space of their offices.

The Unit has been delighted with the results of its ability to charge and sync in multiples. They’ve already started to reap the benefits in time and efficiency.

Gareth Smith – Information Manager for JADTEU, said: “As an IT department providing essential support to the Joint Air Delivery Test and Evaluation Unit, we need to ensure our speed and efficiency is to the highest standard whilst maintaining reliability. Incorporating Cambrionix PowerPad 15S has significantly helped us achieve this.”


With the more companies searching for mobile solutions to improve the accuracy, efficiency and productivity of their operations, Infinite Peripherals suite of iOS barcode scanners effectively answers the need for a powerful solution that is cost-effective, versatile and easy to use. Discover how the Linea Pro and Infinea Tab have helped customers in different industries solve complex problems by transforming Apple handheld mobile computers and smartphones into scanners that capture and deliver accurate information for streamlined processes.


Upgrading United Airlines

Infinite Peripherals delivered a fully customized mobility solution to United's 22,000 flight attendants.



United Airlines and United Express operate an average of nearly 5,000 flights a day to 362 airports across six continents. On board, their flight attendants had been using a mobility device with limited functionality: it could accept payments, but it could not perform other important functions like viewing the seating chart and checking flight delays. The device’s inability to adapt to other needs meant lost opportunities for increased efficiency and elevated customer service.

In a push to upgrade its mobility operations at the end of 2014, United provided Apple® iPhone® 6 Plus devices to its 22,000 flight attendants. Once equipped with the iPhone 6 Plus, United contacted several companies seeking a mobile point-of-sale (mPOS) device compatible with the iPhone 6 Plus. Unfortunately, there were very few commercial adaptations for the new 6 Plus available in the market that met United’s needs.


As the leader in enterprise mobility solutions, Infinite Peripherals (IPC) was ready with a powerful commercial adaptation for the iPhone 6 Plus: the Infinea Tab M. IPC was also the only company that could provide a fully PCI-SRED certified mag-stripe version within United’s accelerated timeline.

United already had an application ready to go that performed transactions and other airline specific functions. However, United deferred to IPC’s software expertise and asked them to create an additional custom application to ensure extra credit card security for protecting customer information.

IP completed the tailor-made United solution with a sleek custom case featuring their brand colors and identity, with a strategically placed ergonomic hand strap for ease and comfort. In all, Infinite Peripherals responded quickly and accurately to United’s desire for a mutually better experience for their employees and their customers.


BevIntel - Mobile Scanning Solutions for the Hospitality Industry

Looking to implement an inventory management system that would optimise efficiency and deliver cost savings to franchisees, Bevintel paired the company’s BevMobile application with the Linea Pro 4 to create a mobile scanning solution that not only streamlined the process of inventory management, but also provided capabilities of POS, asset tracking, ID verification, lead tracking and more.

The Linea Pro 4 is a small, easy-to-use attachment that turns Apple iPod Touch and Apple iPhone into a barcode reader to create a mobile scanning solution and data capture system perfect for efficient and accurate stock control. Bevintel, a leader in profit management for the hospitality industry, used the iOS barcode scanner to conduct inventory management for wine, beer and liquor audits in bars and restaurants. The new smartphone scanners resulted in higher accuracy in inventory reporting, reduced losses to waste and theft and easier maintenance of ideal stock levels.

Peter Lee, senior software engineer at Bevintel, has praised the Linea Pro smartphone scanners stating “It has greatly impacted our business, as it reduces the total inventory audit time, and this translates into cost savings for our franchisees.” The company is now considering adding further capabilities to the system to create a comprehensive mobile scanning solution that will transform the day-to-day operations of their franchisees.

The Linea Pro 4 has proven its worth as an ideal device for the hospitality industry, easily meeting their requirements for high scanning speeds, long battery life and durability.

Infinite Peripherals - Warehouse Stock Control Systems for Growing Demand

With a recent expansion to a warehouse more than three times its former facility, Infinite Peripherals, Inc. (IPC) required a mobile scanning solution that would maximise operational efficiency. As the leading developer of Linea Pro and Infinea handheld devices, it was only natural that the company would implement its own products in the design of a new warehouse stock control system.

As more companies adopt mPOS and enhance Apple devices with IPC’s first-to-market iOS barcode scanners and magnetic stripe readers, IPC has rapidly expanded, outgrowing its warehouse and internal data systems to manage continually increasing inventory and order flow.  

In the new warehouse, IPC uses its Linea Pro and Infinea Tab devices attached to an iPod Touch or iPad to create an easy to use and powerful data capture system. The barcode readers run on custom software to manage all aspects of the warehouse stock control system. This includes inventory receipting, picking and packing, labelling, shipping, serial number tracking, quality control and more.

The new mobile scanning solution has proven to be significantly faster and more accurate than the company’s previous paper-based system. The result is increased productivity – an essential business asset in the face of higher demand.

Discover What a Mobile Scanning Solution can do for Your Business

If you would like more information on how Eposode Data Solutions can deliver a powerful mobile scanning solution to your industry, get in touch with us today. As the exclusive distributor of Infinite Peripherals in Australia and New Zealand, we are assisting enterprise in maximising its potential through efficiency, accuracy and improved customer experience.