The Infinea mPOS Plus is an integrated mobile point of sale (mPOS) and scanner solution designed to work with iPhone 6+, 6s+, and 7+/8+. The device allows retailers to revolutionise their internal logistics, by enhancing customer engagement points and converting them into point of sale. 

It has a built in mag-stripe, EMV, NFC and barcode reader in one device.  It is PCI PTS 3.x and EMV Level 1&2 certified.  It has a complete mobile payment capability featuring Magnetic Stripe Reader (MSR), contactless (NFC) reader and Smartcard reader with PIN pad.  The simple plug and charge interface allows pass through power to charge both iPhone and Infinea mPOS via a single connection. 

The Infinea Tab C is the best all-around enterprise utility device, offering high performance optical imager and supports a wide range of barcode symbology. The Magnetic Stripe Reader (MSR), Smartcard Reader and RFID readers offers tremendous flexibility. The Infinea Tab C is also a versatile mPOS device, and fully certified for secure payment processing.    It has a larger screen that allows scanning with multiple Apple iPad/iPhone devices with various form factors . It has complete mobile payment capability featuring Magnetic Stripe Reader (MSR), contactless (NFC) reader and Smartcard reader. The high performance optical imager is capable of reading majority of barcodes. The compact sled design easily integrates with iOS device. 

The Linea Pro 7i and 7+ offers form-fitted, high performance barcode scanners for optimal enterprise mobility and quick, reliable scans. Updates to the line include the Linea Pro 7i, designed to work with iPhone 6, 7, and 8, and the Linea Pro 7+, designed to work with iPhone 7+ and 8+.  The high performance scanner combines speed and accuracy.  It is form-fitted to protect against dust and water.  The easy to change, hot-swappable battery keeps the device working with no down time.  The product requires minimal training - simple buttons and a familiar iOS platform make it fast and easy for employees to learn. 

The first company to mobilise iOS for enterprise, Infinite Peripherals, Inc. is leading the mobility revolution with its enterprise mobility solutions, improving workflows across multiple retailers globally.  Eposode Data Solutions promotes scanning solutions which are used in enterprise mobility applications and transforming processes within industries such as logistics, retail and healthcare.

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