Eposode’s efforts are aimed at meeting the need for smart peripherals that enable mobile devices for a variety of enterprise mobility applications, transforming processes within industries such as logistics, retail, field automation, healthcare and services. Their data capture systems are highly sophisticated and simple to operate. Their iOS barcode scanners provide industries with powerful barcode readers and portable data entry terminals for a wide range of applications.


Eposode offers three unique MFi certified products from Infinite Peripherals. These are available across Australia and New Zealand in a range of sizes and features making them suitable for any application. Their mobile printers are fast, reliable, compact, durable, lightweight and affordable. They can be used when receipts have to be printed for customers on the sales floor or label printing has to be done in the warehouse.


Infinite Peripherals' DPP series printers are very easy to use. Those who are familiar with Apple products such as the iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone can easily learn to operate it. The common features of the mobile printers include its compact and durable design. It is battery operated, fast to operate and gives clear, quality printing and high quality solutions.


The DPP-250/350 series of MFi-certified mobile thermal receipt printers provide both ruggedness and reliability in a small package. They can be used in dynamic working conditions and their abundant built-in features facilitate use in varied applications. This model is powered by a long life battery and includes Bluetooth connectivity. Product features include Print - 2" & 3" thermal receipt mobile printers, Speed - 60mm per second print speed and Power - internal Li-ion (DPP-250 1100 mAh & DPP-350 2000 mAh) battery with 3 approx. hour charge time.


The DPP-450 series of MFi-certified mobile thermal receipt and label printers is similar to the 250/350 series. It is powered by a long life 2200mAh battery and includes Bluetooth and Bluetooth MFi. Product features include Print - adjustable paper well (2" up to 4") width, receipt and label printer, Speed - 150mm per second print speed (~6" per second) and Power - internal Li-ion 2200 mAh battery with 3 approx. hour charge time.


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