Infinea X Mini is lightweight and works with the customised scanner app. Its features include a 2D imager that scans 1D and 2D barcodes, RFID read/write capabilities, multicolour LED visuals and a microphone/speaker system to allow for communication through the iOS device.


This product has been manufactured specially for use in demanding warehouse environments. It has a rugged case. The features of this case include protective, tempered glass, IP54+ dust/fluid protection and a four-foot drop impact. It has a user replaceable, rechargeable hard pack Li-polymer battery (Standard: 3.7V / 1900mAh, Extended: 3.7V / 3800mAh) to ensure that the unit is operational for entire shifts with no downtime.


Infinea X Mini’s LED visual and audible alerts are programmable. The green light indicates correct barcode scanning while the red light indicates an incorrect barcode needs immediate attention. The light goes green for new orders while a yellow light denotes there is an issue with an order. A red light also indicates a high priority order that requires immediate attention.


This mobile device is compatible with the iPad Mini 4. It has a front speaker, enhanced rear speaker and microphone to allow convenient integration with a variety of communications software solutions. It is VOIP-compatible, and provides Bluetooth 2.0 connectivity for legacy applications. The Infinea X is available in black or white. Its dimensions are 233mm x 162mm x 31mm and it weighs 498 grams (17.6 oz.) without the battery. It has a mini USB port for device charge and synchronising.


Eposode Data Solutions promotes scanning solutions which are used in enterprise mobility applications and transforming processes within industries such as logistics, retail and healthcare. Eposode is the exclusive distributor for Infinite Peripherals and Variable Inc. in Australia and New Zealand.


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