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  • Infinea X Robust Healthcare and Warehouse Scanner

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  • Infinea Tab M

  • Hand-held industrial grade sensors that add value to the bottom line


Transforming Handheld Mobile Computers to Facilitate Enterprise

Eposode Data Solutions is the exclusive distributor for Infinite Peripherals and Variable Inc. in Australia and New Zealand. Through these exclusive partnerships, we are bringing innovative, low-cost measurement, sensing and mobile scanning solutions to facilitate enterprise with a suite of products specifically designed for Apple handheld mobile computers and smartphones.

Highly sophisticated, yet simple to operate, these data capture systems utilise iOS barcode scanners to provide industries with powerful barcode readers and portable data entry terminals for a wide range of applications. Using Apple iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, your handheld mobile computers and smartphones are transformed into powerful scanners, mobile printers and data capture systems perfect for operations in retail, field automation, healthcare, manufacturing and logistics, as well as warehousing and other industries. The familiarity of the iOS system makes the new tools easy to learn for all of your employees, requiring little training while offering the benefits of smooth implementation into your current operations.

The Eposode Mission

The team at Eposode has for some time seen the dramatic shift unfolding in enterprise, from traditional purpose built data capture solutions to the explosive new world of commoditised connected devices, enabling low cost, high function access to the information needs of enterprise.

Eposode exists to address the need for smart peripherals that enable mobile devices for a variety of enterprise mobility applications, transforming processes within industries such as Logistics, Retail, Field Automation, Healthcare & Services.

Infinite Peripherals and Variable Inc. are key thinkers, creators and suppliers of smart peripherals that are enabling this dramatic shift transforming enterprise. Eposode has been partnering with these companies to capitalise on the revolution underway in Australian and New Zealand industries.

Eposode is committed to businesses both large and small as they discover how Apple handheld mobile computers and smartphones can be cost-effectively transformed into barcode readers, data capture systems and measurement sensing solutions.

Changing the Face of Enterprise

Explore our website to learn more about the mobile scanning solutions that are changing the face of enterprise in Australia and New Zealand. We have the industry experience and product knowledge to assist any customer in designing a unique system that will streamline your processes and create a more efficient and productive operation.