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Infinea® X 7

The Infinea X – Healthcare Edition for iPhone 6s/7/8 is a mobility healthcare solution from Infinite Peripherals. For a limited time the Infinea X 7 is only $795.00*
*iPhone purchased separately.

Linea Pro® 7

Capturing data is as simple as a push of a button. Swipe a loyalty card, process a payment, check stock levels and scan inventory using the intuitive Linea Pro sled. For Apple iPhone 6, iPhone 6s, iPhone 7.

Revolutionise Retail

Apple® changed how we communicate. Infinite Peripherals changed how we transact.

Infinea Tab M

The go-getter. No matter where the purchase decision happens, the Infinea Tab M is always at hand to make the sale. For Apple iPad mini, iPad mini with Retina display and iPad Air.

Mobile Scanning Solutions & iOS Barcode Scanners from Eposode Data Solutions

Smart Peripherals for Enterprise Mobility
Our smart peripherals enable mobile devices for smart businesses, providing low cost, innovative and integrated solutions that are revolutionizing industries around the world.

Welcome to Eposode Data Solutions 

Eposode Data Solutions is dedicated to providing businesses with innovative mobile scanning solutions and wireless sensing and measurement technology that streamline processes, increase efficiency and provide an improved customer experience. Eposode is the exclusive distributor of Infinite Peripherals line of iOS barcode scanners and Variable Inc.’s sensing devices in Australia and New Zealand. These devices are designed to be compatible with Apple products that create handheld mobile computers that are a powerful, cost-effective and user-friendly tool for enterprise.

The suite of iOS barcode scanner or barcode reader hardware products from Infinite Peripherals can transform a traditional warehouse stock control system, redefine customer service for the retail and hospitality industry, improve accuracy for data entry and deliver instant access to information for those working in healthcare. Additionally, the measurement sensing products from Variable Inc. convert environmental attributes beyond the scope of human perception into tangible data, enabling people to interact with their surroundings in ways not previously possible. These capabilities are just the beginning! With many unique applications designed to work across various industries, we help customers determine the products and accessories that are best suited to their requirements.

The Innovative Use of Intuitive Technology

The cross-generational awareness of Apple iPhone, iPod and iPad products allows for effortless training when transforming smartphones or tablets into commercial grade measurement sensing and mobile scanning solutions.


The intuitive nature of these products ensures that employees young and old can easily accustom themselves to using the familiar technology in a new way. Whether it is used on the retail floor, the warehouse or, industrial refrigeration, our barcode readers or wireless measurement devices can be integrated with a range of mobile applications for customized solutions to suit your industry.

Discover the Linea Pro, Infinea Tab, COLOR MUSE, mobile printers and accessories we supply to customers across Australia and New Zealand and learn more about how different industries are taking advantage of the power of iOS barcode scanners for POS, portable data entry terminals, data capture devices and so much more.


Delivering Cost-Effective Performance

Explore our website to learn more about the COLOR MUSE wireless sensor from Variable and the range of Infinite Peripherals products designed for Apple smartphones and handheld mobile computers. We have carefully selected all of these devices to provide our customers with mobile scanning solutions that deliver cost-effective performance with the power to transform your business.

What clients say
  • Our customers are amazed at the quick & easy access to their information via our iPad based kiosk. It is secure whilst meeting the high end aesthetic of our business. The ease of installation enables us to respond to peak demand when required.
  • Moving from traditional handheld scanning devices to the Linea Pro and iPhone, our warehouse staff and delivery drivers have increased their efficiencies & are able to provide superior customer service which is critical in such a competitive market as retail.
  • The Linea Pro & iOS platform has enabled us to develop apps & reimagine processes that were not previously possible. Our staff members have been surprised & impressed by the increased information & support…so much functionality from a small, robust device.
Smart peripherals for your mobile workforce
Interact with your surrondings
About Us

About Eposode Data Solutions

Eposode exists to address the need for smart peripherals that enable mobile devices for a variety of enterprise mobility applications, transforming processes within industries such as Logistics, Retail, Field Automation, Healthcare & Services.

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