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Eposode Introduces Linea J 2D Barcode Scanner for Android Phones


Eposode Data Solutions is now stocking the powerful data-collecting barcode scanner Linea J that will work well for mobile point of sale. Linea J allows mobile workers to convert their Samsung J5 into a powerful point for sale solution. It comes with a 2D barcode scanner as well as NFC contactless card reader that make it ideal for today’s fast paced world. Businesses can integrate payment technologies and Linea J to reap the enormous benefits of improved customer service that this technology brings.

PRESS RELEASE Eposode – June 2017

07/02/2018 2:09:44 PM

Durable and Fast DPP Mobile Printers from Eposode Boost Productivity


Eposode Data Solutions, the exclusive distributor for Infinite Peripherals in Australia and New Zealand, is promoting printers for mobile scanning solutions. They specialise in providing innovative, low-cost measurement, sensing and mobile scanning solutions through products specifically designed for Apple handheld mobile computers and smartphones. Mobile printers make it easy to get hard copies for those who are working in the field while using any mobile scanning solution.


10/07/2017 4:11:32 PM

Eposode Launches Infinea X Mini for iPad Mini


Eposode Data Solutions, the company that provides businesses in Australia with mobile scanning solutions and wireless sensing technology, has recently launched Infinea’s product Infinea X Mini. This product is an upgrade of the Infinea X. It has all the features and functionalities of the Infinea X which saves time, enhances productivity and accuracy while recording, transmitting and integrating data with databases. This product has been specially designed for the iPad mini.  

PRESS RELEASE Eposode – May 2017

10/07/2017 3:55:49 PM

Eposode Features InfineaPay Mobile EMV Payment Solution

Eposode Data Solutions, the exclusive distributor for Infinite Peripherals in Australia and New Zealand, has featured their newest product, InfineaPay mobile EMV payment solution. Infinite Peripherals recently received certification for InfineaPay mobile EMV payment solution which allows support for contact and contactless EMV payment acceptance on the Apple iOS platform.

They say loyalty is hard to come by, and this seems more true than ever in today’s retail environment. Customer retention and repeat purchasing continues to be a challenge as consumers have more avenues on their path to purchase. However, let it be known that loyalty isn’t impossible to achieve. In the current retail system, “loyalty” has taken the place of outdated loyalty programs that overpromise and underdeliver. These ever-more complex reward architectures are designed to reward customers for repeat purchases. However, they often only succeed in segmenting and isolating customers.

So, how does one maintain loyalty in retail? 

Eposode Data Solutions, known for their exclusive partnership with Infinite Peripherals, is happy to endorse their latest product InfineaIQ. InfineaIQ is the first enterprise mobile peripheral management software solution which is produced especially for retail and logistics businesses. This new cloud-based software application provides visibility into scan mode settings, payment settings and application settings of Infinite Peripherals devices while making it possible to remotely update and change configurations over-the-air.


18/01/2017 4:15:05 PM

Eposode Introduces Linea Pro 7 - an Enterprise Mobility Solution by Infinite Peripherals

 Eposode Data Solutions, the exclusive distributor for Infinite Peripherals in Australia announced their latest product, the Linea Pro 7. Linea Pro 7 is the first enterprise mobility device compatible with the Apple iPhone 7. It is the brand new solution for inventory warehousing, retail and events and it features an easily replaceable battery and additional scan buttons.


18/01/2017 2:20:44 PM

Eposodes Christmas Special for Linea Pro 5 Users Mobile scanning solutions provider.

Eposode has announced a special offer for Linea Pro 5 users. The offer bundle contains two accessories designed for this extremely popular device from Infinite Peripherals. The accessories are part of the extended ecosystem for the Linea Pro 5 which includes an Apto Pistol Grip accessory and Apto Pistol Grip Charging Station. 

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